Objects intended for decorative purposes

New direction (2018)
A set of 3 sculptures created to mark the end of 2018.
Dedicated to the management of Hoffmann metalworks, Ltd.
Forged sculpture, malleable steel
Minerva Gorilla (2010)
A life-sized gorilla made of metal scrap dedicated to the "Kovozoo" competition by REC Group.
It contains many original details and movable elements.
Black panther (2007)
Graduation work, SUPS Turnov.
Forged sculpture, malleable steel
Soul of the Tree (2011)
Engraving on the glass lens was crafted in Pavlina Cambalova's workshop.
Forged sculpture, malleable steel, cut glass
In motion (2010)
Forged sculpture, malleable steel
Fire-fly I (2010)
This smaller sculpture was specially made as a mascot of the "Svetluska" winery in Uhersky Brod.
Forged sculpture, malleable steel
Fire-fly II (2010)
Another variant of popular "Fire-fly" stuff.
This forged sculpture features a functional 12V halogen bulb and original glass wings from Vlasta Sikova's workshop.
Neighbour (2009)
Competition forged sculpture made on topic of "attractive" was created on blacksmith symposium of Gotha Glüht (Germany).
Made with the assistance of Jiri "Ocko" Bartos.
Saggitario (2008)
Task of this artefact was to create at an acceptable time smaller interior sculpture on the subject of a "shooter".
It was designed as a gift by R. Kodrla.
Barbora (2007)
SUPS Turnov.
Casted sculpture, aluminum alloy