I was born on 24th of February 1985, under the sign of Pisces. When my dear parents first saw me, they decided that the best name for me would be Petr Hanacek.
I spent my childhood in the company of brilliant and talented individuals but unfortunately I picked up almost nothing from them.

Life went on and in 2000 I was admitted to the first year of Integrated High School "Mesit" in Uherske Hradiste - department of artistic blacksmithing and locksmithing. In 2003, I finished school getting a certificate of apprenticeship and in the same year I passed the aptitude test at Secondary School of Applied Arts in Turnov (also called "Shpera") where I successfully completed four years of graduate studies in artistic blacksmithing and locksmithing - studio headed by academic sculptor Jan Mastnik. I also studied one class of artistic metal casting at this school.

Between 2008-2009 I was engaged in custom production of cold weapons under the guidance of an experienced master Stanislav "Snake" Elias in Svijany and then until 2012 I worked producing mainly free creations in artistic blacksmithing, chasing of bronze sculptures in the studio of academic sculptor Daniel Trubac in Polesovice and secondary activities in the field of graphic design.

In early 2012, I began dreaming about life on the other side of the world and in May of that same year I decided to live this dream, left my hometown, and started my life as a backpacker in New Zealand where I spent 15 beautiful months. And I can say that those, by far, were the best moments in my life.
Most travelers would certainly agree that once you have been bitten by the travel bug, it is almost impossible to stop traveling. There is no antidote for it... and I was no exception. And so with this in my system, my journey continued and I found myself enjoying the picturesque views of Australia, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia.